homework..for my beloved english teacher

Hello, my name is Rahma Djati Kusuma. I'm in the eleven grade of acceleration class SMA N 1 Purworejo. In my oppinion, homework is very important and useful for the students. I have some reasons which caused me to say like that. Firstly, without homework maybe there are so many students do not study over again in their house. As a student, I am exactly know that there are so many lazy students. If the teachers give them homework, they will do their homework as well as they can. Secondly, homework will make the students usual to do many kinds of questions or problems.They will be skilled to solve their problems. If they have dificulties, they can get the solving from the books, teachers, friends or their parents. Thirdly, homework train the students to do the dificult problems in their exam. If the students have mastered the matery from their teacher by do the homework, it would be very easy for them to do their exam. It will happen if the students do their homework seriously, so they can increase their ability and be diligent and smart students. I think homework is very important and useful for students because homework give a lot of advantages for the students.

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