Purworejo Town

Purworejo is a simple town. It is located in the South of Java Island, so it has some beachs. There are not a lot of factory there, so the air is not very polluted and it’s still fresh. The transportation are not too bad, we can find public transportation anywhere easily. Many things make me like this town. First, most people in Purworejo are very friendly. They are very kind and another, even the new people. The main job the people Purworejo is farmer. It is becaused of the farms, rice field and field in Purworejo are very large. There are green rice fields and beautiful mountainous. Therefore, Purworejo has so many natural resources. The crème case in Purworejo are under Solo, Yogyakarta, and Magelang. It’s save for us to go in the night. It’s also quite clean. They aren’t so many rubbish along the street a long. But I also dislike Purworejo just because something. Purworejo has a litlle resort tourism. It makes me difficult to spend my holiday. Purworejo doesn’t have a big supermarket as Department Store, it just has minimarket like “Laris”, “Jodo”, Sarinah“, Indomaret and Alfamaret.

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