Happy Birthday King Khan!

2 November 2010, yak gw bukan mau bikin wish-list, tapi gw mau bikin wish list buat seseorang, seseorang..hiks hikss....se..seseorang yang...yang...


shah rukh khan

Shah Rukh Khan, today, November 2nd is his 45th birthday. Happy birthday ShahRukh ji :) It's your hard way to get into now, i read your biography written by Anuphama Chopra, one of your friends, right? and i love it, i just enjoy everything she told about. It's really really big achievement of yours. Subhanallah, now you live in the life as you always wish before, with a lovely wife and two lovely kids. "Awards that ignore me are loosers." you prove your sentence to the whole world, amazing!

On your 45th, i just wish for everything the best from Allah, may Allah always bless you in your every step, you get the more and more for your career, family and your life. My best wishes for you King Khan! and this is his last two tweets 
thanx for making me feel so special everyone around the world. i am half way home now...but promise to keep u all happy for the next half.
With so much love being given to me on my birthday...all I want to do is start returning the favors life is done me...back present time.
i'll give ameen for all of it :) 
keep acting ShahRukh ji, we are waiting for your next wonderful films :)


  1. Saya juga mau ngucapin ya, Selamat ulang tahun yaa shah rukh khan. Sukses selalu.. ^^

    *kirain km bakan posting apaan.hihih*

  2. ohohoooo ini mau ku share ke twitter dia ama twitter anuphama chopra, semoga terbaca deh ya ihihi :)


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