November Free Days

Yeaah free days! not friday but freeday ahaaa..lovey..After one hard week finally i have my 2 days free d^^b Wake up early, enjoying fresh morning air, having cereal and milk, browsing, facebooking, twittering, blogging, yahooing *maksa LoL*, omegling, listening to sweet music, reading many many books i bought but haven't finished reading yet, and watching movies. Doing everything in my neat room *i just made up my room, from 'kamar kandang bebek' to 'kamar kandang penyamun' haha, im kidding, now i have my room so neat and clean that i don't wanna going out of this room*, even i dont wanna go to toilet :p
So, how about you monday? nice working ya hahaha..
Anyway, happy november all :)


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