People Change, Don't They?

This dream was too good to be true.
Time flies and life goes on and on and on and on. Whether you realize or not, I am change to be what I am today. So do other people, don't they? Seems like time change everything.

So does dream. It was too good to be true that I even don't have any courage to write it down, to dream it. Back then, time flies and now I feel like it's not that impossible.

So now the quote is change as well.
This dream was too good to be true, but I don't care, I will fight for it to be true.
I believe each and every of us has things to regret, things that we wish we'd never done, and things that we wish we could do much earlier. So what? Can do nothing to things that have happened, can't we? But we have now and tomorrow. I do believe, people change, me as well. 

And anyway, we often find we still have more time. But who knows? Tomorrow might not be. Time flies, so make a change! Be the best you can be! 

Nothing happens such a coincidence, that's something I always say to myself.

Are you curious what the dream I thought too good to be true? ah. I feel like want to share it in here but I really can't haha. I'll tell you when it comes true :) 

Rahma's room, in a sweet mood after eat favorite foods, with Billy Joel's Just The Way You Are as my most favorite lullaby <3


  1. I think the dream that u talk about is ur love life, is it?


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